Set up speakers in a car in the easiest way

car-audio-setupAlmost every car today comes with a pre-installed or a built-in audio system. Although the integrated audio systems are not bad, many car owners might not find their sound quality right. They want HD sounds which are not offered by the factory installed systems. If you are one of those car owners and are planning to get new best car speakers 2016 for your vehicle, do not be worried about the expenses of the speaker as well as the installation. You can set up speakers in a car by yourself. All you need is to have some necessary tools which you might already have.

Things required to set up speakers in a car.

Each car has its particular type of installation. Depending on the setup position, mounting height, and the wiring the installation is quite simple.

You’ll need:

  • Variety of screwdrivers
  • Electrical tape
  • Torx drivers and bits
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • A Socket wrench set
  • Panel removal tool
  • A utility knife
  • connectors

How to install

To put the best double din head units speakers in the car. First, you have to decide where exactly you want to put the speakers. Some speakers may fit right in the integrated speaker openings while others you will have to set-up with the tools mentioned above. Here are two most popular mounting places for the speakers in a car- on the door and the dash.

Replacing Door Speakers

Step 1:
Once decided, place the speaker’s template on the place you want to set-up the Kenwood DPX500BT speakers. Now Tape the template to the position you have chosen.

Step 2
Now remove the panel of the door with the help of screwdrivers by removing the snap fittings and screws.
Step 3
After you have removed the panel, keep it on a flat surface and cut out the shape of the template with the help of a utility knife. You can use a jig saw if the panel is made up of metal.

Step 4
Place the rubber tube correctly and set up the wire through the main audio system to the speaker via tubing.

Step 5
Seal the wires with the help of electric tape. After wrapping the wires from tape mount the speakers to the panel.

Step 6
Now place the panel back to the door, put all the wires behind the speakers and firmly position and attach the panel back to the door.

Setting up the Dash speakers

You can easily remove an old dash speaker by a new one by replacing the grilles. For this, you can use the 90-degree offset screwdrivers. These make the removal of screws near the windshield easy. Use a panel tool (Recommended to avoid scratches) to pry the grilles which are held by friction fittings. Remove the old speakers and remember the polarity of each terminal. After removing, attach the new speakers correctly and put it back.

Just be careful so that while setting up the dash speaker you don’t end up harming the dash. Some cars have their grille secured from below either by plastic studs or screws so just make sure you don’t apply any extra pressure otherwise it might get broken by the additional force. The second important thing you must take care of is that when you are using the tape for wrapping up the wire, use a high-quality tape as the dash temperature tends to fluctuate and this may cause some serious damage.